How I Hacked My Guilt

by Christina d’Avignon April 24, 2017

When I tell people Ringly changed my life, they usually assume I’m referring to the company itself. What founder isn’t changed by their business? But what I’m really talking about is my experience with the product — the jewelry I now wear every day.

That’s because the rings and bracelets, with their precious and semi-precious gemstones and beautifully crafted settings — are fitted with technology...

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Look Up

by Erin Hampton April 24, 2017

How many times a day do you look down at your phone? How often do you read a text, skim an article, swipe right on Bumble, refresh your inbox, pull up a picture of your kid, take a selfie, mindlessly scroll your Instagram feed, stalk your crush, or even tap the home button just to see if you have any notifications? I think we can all agree that it’s too many times.

In this modern technological age where our smartphones are glued to our hands, analyzing our relationship with them can be a bit jarring. But the truth is, it’s hard to balance work, family, friends, cultural awareness, personal and mental health, and an active social life. Our smartphones keep us connected and without them we might miss a call from a loved one, lose track of time and forget about a meeting, or miss a group message inviting everyone to brunch on Sunday. We miss out on our lives…

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What It Takes To Make A Ringly

by Christina d’Avignon November 09, 2016

As we roll into year three at Ringly, we’re continuously learning that starting a business from the ground up and making new stuff is hard. We went from being a small, three person, vision-driven team to one of the most exciting fashion-forward wearable technology companies on the market. We’re now over 20 people, and while we’re still lean, our continued growth has brought with it some...

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Ringleader: Christina d’Avignon

by Jessamyn Block October 31, 2016

Meet Christina d’Avignon, CEO & Founder of Ringly. Her aha moment led to creating Ringly, which helps women lead a more balanced and healthy lifestyle. When she’s not nerding out on new apps and technologies, you can find her enjoying a Mezcal drink with great friends or listening to Voxtrot. Learn more insider info on Christina below!


Irvington, NY

Source: August Wren

What will you not...

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‘Grams We Love: October 2016

by Akbar Dhanaliwala October 01, 2016

We love seeing all the cool ways you style your Ringly. Every month we’ll share a round up of our favorite #RinglyLove photos from Instagram right here. Enjoy!

@rabby214 Shop Dive Bar & Opening Night
@somethingdashing_ Shop Into the Woods
@hnicholsillustration Shop Stargaze
@livefreemiranda Shop Out to Sea
@tomkatstudio Shop Daybreak
natalie lynn borton Shop Stargaze
@naojfashion Shop Daydream

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Making the Cut: The Stories Behind Our Favorite Gemstones

by Christina d’Avignon September 12, 2016

Image from @fortheloveofgems

The same way that horoscopes and Greek mythologies have histories dating centuries ago, gemstones, too, carry special significance about where they came from and what they mean. When we were in the process of designing the Ringly collection, we had to decide which precious and semi-precious gemstones we were going to include…and there were so many choices! That’s when...

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‘Grams We Love: August & September 2016

by Erin Hampton September 10, 2016

We love seeing all the cool ways you style your Ringly. Every month we’ll share a round up of our favorite #RinglyLove photos from Instagram right here. Enjoy!

@everwillalove Shop Opening Night Ringly
@eastcoasthealth Daydream Ringly
@moniquemears Shop Dive Bar Ringly
@savannahkwallace Shop Out To Sea Ringly
@torilesikar Shop Dive Bar Ringly
@hnicholsillustration Shop Stargaze Ringly
Managed by Q Shop St...

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6 Female Founders Who Inspire Us

by Christina d’Avignon August 27, 2016

While Sophia Amoruso may have coined the term #GIRLBOSS, the hashtag-turned-movement became much bigger than one woman’s path from dropout to million dollar paydays. A generation of women are now building and launching businesses aimed at solving unique problems in their own lives, and are trailblazing the path for young women to follow.

Below we highlight six female founders in industries ranging...

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‘Grams We Love: July 2016

by Jessamyn Block July 20, 2016

We love seeing how and where you wear your Ringly. Every month we’ll share a round up of our favorite #RinglyLove photos from Instagram right here. Enjoy and keep up the great work! 

@torilesikar wears Dive Bar Ringly
@carlychaikin wears exclusive RINGLY x STORY ring.
@feedmedearly wears Into The Woods Ringly
@ardentreverie wears Out to Sea Ringly & Dive Bar Ringly
@oliamoda wears Into The Woods Ringly

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Get Mani-Smart: 5 Mani Tips From the Pros

by Jessamyn Block July 09, 2016

Two things are clear from the #RinglyLove photos you’re posting on Instagram. 1: You guys get up to some pretty cool stuff (hi, Tony Awards, guitar-strumming, VIP tea parties). 2: THOSE MANIS. At first we were suspicious: how do you all find time to always have killer nails? But then we reconsidered: there’s obviously a link between the type of woman who takes her priorities into her own hands and...

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Ringly Announces $5.1M Series A Led By Andreessen Horowitz

by Christina d’Avignon January 21, 2015

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