How To Hack A Long Weekend Vacay

How To Hack A Long Weekend Vacay

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Summer is in full swing, and you know what that means— long weekends away. The office has slowed down, the kids are out of school, and it’s time to get out of town while you’ve got the chance. As we’re sure you know, making the most of weekends away is a science and requires careful planning and a knack for efficiency. If these aren’t your strong suit, we’ve got good news! Ringly is here to help make sure your long weekend is exactly the getaway you deserve. Read on to learn four ways that Ringly can transform anyone into a summer weekend maximization master.


Stay One Step Ahead

You’re taking Friday off and flying out Thursday night, because that’s how you roll. Stay updated on the status of your flight with alerts from Ringly so you can finish out the workday strong and enter the weekend ahead totally prepared.



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Make An Escape Plan

It's 5pm on the Thursday before your trip and you can just sense your boss getting ready to ask you something that will keep you there for another 30 minutes. Act natural, and don't make a move until your Ringly tells you the car is here and ready to go. Mission leave the office quietly— success.


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Leave Work At The Office

Don’t let your adorable yet extremely over-zealous summer intern’s freak-out Slacks interrupt your beach time. Turn off Ringly Slack notifications for a blissful three days without constant questions about email etiquette or what fonts you’d like on the research project she’s conducting.



Put Your Phone Away

Let’s be honest: phones can be totally high maintenance about a little sunshine. Don’t let a sassy “Phone too hot” message kill your vibe -- keep it tucked away in your favorite beach bag while Ringly (which can handle the heat) makes sure you’re not missing anything essential.


You’ve got the “know-how” and the Ringly, so go get that summertime feeling! Enjoy 😎


Blog Post Written By Olivia Hartwell

August 17, 2017

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