Fighting FOMO

Fighting FOMO


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The Fear Of Missing Out or "FOMO" is a feeling we have all learned to cope with for as long as we can remember. In high school, it was going to every football game just in case your team won and their was an impromptu after party. Today, you stay glued to your phone on Friday night to make sure you don't miss that invite text to some "monumental" rooftop shindig. Here at RINGLY, we don't think that's any way to live. While you navigate life, you can rest assured that your smart jewelry will keep you notified with a buzz or flash of light on the latest happenings, whether or not you're looking at your phone.

Don't see how? Here are some classic scenarios in which Ringly can come to the rescue.



FEAR you will miss that midday “I miss you” text from your crush.

Fight it— While you're working, eating or doing anything that leaves you detached from your phone, Ringly will buzz you with his customized light color so that you know it's him trying to contact you. 



OF all the the times you have spent attached to your phone, you leave it for one second and miss that text asking you to be a plus one to a private celeb party (James Franco was among the many to attend).

Fight it— No matter if you're busy cooking dinner or just needing a little distance from your phone screen, you can count on Ringly to keep you in the know. 



MISSING the reminder to grab those Drake tickets for you and the crew.

Fight it— The stress of missing out on Drake tickets by not being first in the Ticketmaster line is too much for someone to handle alone. Set a reminder and customize the notification in your Ringly app to give you 4 buzzes when the time comes. Now that's what we call "Crew Love".



OUT of all your brunching friends, you'll be the only one looking up instead of looking down at your phone.

Fought it— Good thing you have a Ringly that will notify you of your important notifications. Isn't it nice to be able to put your phone away and talk to your girlfriends without being distracted?



August 11, 2017

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