Stay Connected

Without being glued
to your screen.

Ringly bracelets and rings pair with your phone to let you know when important notifications come in.

vibrations 5 color LED light
alerts 4 setting vibration
apps 200+ apps supported
antenna-range 20+ foot range
connects-with iOS and Android

You first. Your phone second.

Ringly pairs with your phone to send you customized alerts through vibration and light. Tuck your phone away, but still know when there's an urgent call or if your ride has arrived.

Filter notifications like a boss.

In the Ringly app, you can customize your notification dashboard to only receive alerts from your favorite apps and most important contacts.

Work Perks

Your workday just got smarter. Never miss a meeting or call from your VIPs, and discreetly stay on top of your Slack DMs and emails.

Home Life

Stay on top of everything from package deliveries to the amount of likes on your latest Instagram post while your phone charges in the next room.