Gemuinely Punny Jokes For You

Gemuinely Punny Jokes For You

Photo Credit: Jaco Haasbroek


Everyone needs a healthy dose of gemstone puns to liven up their summer— don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Read on for our favorite jewel-inspired jokes! 



Answer: An acagemic

Joke features smart bracelet, Rendezvous, $165



Answer: A gem

Joke features smart bracelet, Ringly GO in Black, $125



Answer: Gemtrification

Joke features smart ring, Day Dream, $165



Answer: Gemeration "X"

Joke features smart bracelet, Lakeside, $165 



Answer: A Geminist

Joke features smart ring, Dive Bar, $165



Blog post written by Olivia Hartwell


July 11, 2017

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