4 Tips To Hack Your Activity Tracking Potential

4 Tips To Hack Your Activity Tracking Potential

Photo Credit: Basia Perkowski, @urbanfitgirl 

There’s no question about it— step tracking is a trend that doesn’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon. With the rise of many different styles and specific capabilities in the activity tracker market, it can be challenging to sift through all the behaviors and goals you’re being told are “healthy”. The key we’ve found is to discover the way that fitness tracking works best for you. At Ringly, we want each and every user to feel like their Ringly is working for them— not ordering them around or inducing guilt! Read on for four tips on how you and your smart jewelry can work together to navigate the sometimes confusing waters of step tracking.



Start small - goals should grow as your activity does. Zero to sixty is something your dream car can accomplish, not something you should aspire to. Getting your sneakers laced and out the door might be your very first goal, and as that starts to feel easier you can add time or distance to your walks so that they are always manageable while still pushing you to be your best.



10,000 steps is a goal, but it may not be your goal. The ten thousand step goal has become popularized and is often used as a benchmark for the ultimate step goal, but every person is unique and so is their lifestyle. If your busy schedule doesn’t allow time to walk five miles (the approximate distance of 10,000 steps), don’t think you can’t see benefits from setting a different and more compatible step goal.  



Reward progress, not immediate ability. If you’re daunted by long walks or high step goals when you first get your tracker, that’s all the more reason to celebrate and reward yourself as you become more comfortable and willing to go further! Every personal best step count is a victory, no matter how small the margin.



Bonus Tip: Get creative! Getting your steps in doesn’t have to be boring or even the same every day. The world is your oyster, so explore where each step can take you!

Blog post written by Olivia Hartwell, @oh_well

July 07, 2017

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