Ringleader Spotlight: Kendra Barnes, Economist & AirBNB Entrepreneur

Ringleader Spotlight: Kendra Barnes, Economist & AirBNB Entrepreneur

Learn about how Ringly is empowering this AirBNB host

Where did you grow up? Tell us a bit about yourself.

I consider myself a citizen of the World...but that’s just really a fancy way of saying— I have no idea! Both of my parents were in the Air Force so we moved quite a bit. I was born in Virginia, went to High School in Texas and lived a few other places in between. I currently live in D.C. and when I'm not working, or looking for my next investment property, you can find me thrift shopping, baking some gluten-free goodies or binge watching Netflix with my hubs!


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What do you do for work and how does Ringly help?

I’m an International Economist by day. By night, my husband and I own and manage 7 rental units (one of which is an Airbnb and can be really high maintenance!), and I also run The Key Resource. Ringly has made my life as a Landlord SO much easier! Before Ringly, I found myself constantly checking my phone while out and about with friends worried that I would miss an important message from an Airbnb guest or a tenant. Ringly has freed me from that. I have better work-life balance knowing that I will get the notifications that matter and I can work, vacation, relax or be social without checking my phone constantly.



What’s your most crucial Ringly notification?

The AirBNB notification is the most crucial. We strive to give our Airbnb guests the same type of experience we would want, so to create that type of experience, customer service is key. At an AirBNB, there is no front desk to go to when you have a question or an issue so I like to create a “Front Desk” experience for our guests by responding quickly and being attentive to make sure their stay is truly enjoyable.


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Featuring the Lakeside Lapis, currently $165

Show us a screenshot of your Ringly alerts dashboard!



Favorite song currently on repeat?




What’s the one thing you never leave the house without?

My phone and my Ringly!

Photo Credit: @pepperedinstyle. Featuring Hide Tide, currently $165

What item(s) would be in your life survival kit?

Chocolate. Because I can’t go one day without chocolate! Not one day! #Chocoholic


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How did you become a Ringleader?

I bought the Stargaze Black Onyx Ring when RINGLY  first launched. It CHANGED my business life by helping me stay connected while not checking my phone every 5 seconds.  I bought the first bracelet that launched. I contacted Ringly a few months ago and said "OMG I'm such a huge fan of your products and I know my friends/followers/clients will be too! “ I’d love to be a Brand Ambassador!" They said “Sure!” And now I’m a Ringleader!


Photo Credit: Ashleigh Bing
Photo featuring the Lakeside Lapis, currently $165


Post written by Kendra Barnes

Founder, The Key Resource
Instagram: @thekeyresource
Website: www.thekeyresource.info
Photo Credit: Ashleigh Bing

June 12, 2017

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