Get To Know Your Ringly

Get To Know Your Ringly

You have questions. We have answers. Read on for more deets and get to know your Ringly. 

Why is my Ringly buzzing 7 times?

The seven short vibrations to your Ringly are your Out of Range notifications. 

Out of Range notifications can be turned on and off from the Settings page of your Ringly App. The out of range notifications will alert you when your Ringly and phone have gone out of range of each other. For instance, if you get up from your desk to get some lunch, or leave the apartment to head to work. We hope you use this feature to make sure you don't leave your phone behind! 

Bluetooth range, however, can be affected by a number of environmental factors, and if you find this feature not useful, or it is going off too much for your liking during the course of a day, feel free to turn it off from the Settings page of your Ringly App.

Did you find these tips help? Learn how to set up your Ringly so you can stay connected.


Why is my Ringly flashing with no Notification?

If you're seeing a blue or pink light on your Ringly throughout the day, those are your Connection taps! 

Connection Taps can be turned on and off from the Ringly Settings page. If on, they give you a quick and easy way to check if your Ringly is currently connected to your phone. Simply double tap your Ringly and it will show a light to indicate your connection status, light blue means connected, and pink means not connected. 

Sometimes, throughout the course of a day random movements may be interpreted as a double tap and trigger the connection tap to display. If you would not like this to happen, be sure to disable Connection Taps from the Settings page in the Ringly App.


Why Connect with Apple Health?

When connected to Apple Health, your RIngly app tracks both steps from your jewelry and from your phone, making the total number of steps more accurate.


How does Ringly calculate calories?

We calculate calories burned based on the steps taken throughout your day and while at a resting state.


June 09, 2017

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