Calling All Smartphone Addicts: Are You Up For A Challenge?

Calling All Smartphone Addicts: Are You Up For A Challenge?

We get it. It’s Wednesday and you don’t know whether you are heading toward the end or lagging in a long beginning. Hump Day is a day that’s surprisingly harder to barrel through than any other day of the work week— even the dreaded day 1 of 5: Monday. What we've come to realize is that Hump Day is so much more bearable when you have something to look forward to. Some sort of inspiration that lets you know that while it seems like a drag, this day of the week is a bridge between the come up and the come down. What you need is a challenge.

Photo featuring the Ringly Dive Bar, currently $165


We are determined to put our #lookupwithus mantra into action. While difficult at times, we believe that if we can master a balanced relationship with our phones, it will lead to a happier, healthier and more connected lifestyle.


Photo taken by @scillasticks, featuring the Rosé All Day Ringly for $165


This week, we dare you to be the first to put your smartphone down and put your smart jewelry to the test. No worries, we have complete faith in you. 

  1. Drop your phone in your purse when grabbing happy hour with your peeps.

  2. Set your phone aside when getting ready for bed.

  3. Put your phone in the next room when you get home from work

Dare Accepted? Good, we’ve accepted it too.

May 17, 2017

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