4 Alternate Ways To Answer This Post Graduation Question

4 Alternate Ways To Answer This Post Graduation Question

It’s inevitable - graduation brings with it only a fleeting sense of satisfaction and accomplishment before the flood of unanswered questions hits you. It’ll come from all sides, taking the form of constant inquiries from distant family members and ominous empty “occupation” boxes on countless forms you now need to fill out because yes, you are actually an adult in the real world. In the midst of this veritable siege of uncertainty, know this - you have time, you have talent, and you have Ringly by your side with whatever path you chose. Read on for four answers to the post-grad question, and the Ringly styles that fit each unique journey. Which post-grad girl are you?

The girl with the major you can’t pronounce

Photo Credit: @sandyglober. Boardwalk, $165.


She’s headed to grad school to dive deeper into epiphenomenalism…or at least that’s how you think it’s spelled. She’ll be able to focus all her attention on those fine print philosophy texts with help from a simple and subtle Ringly style, like Boardwalk.

The girl getting in on the ground floor 

Photo Credit: @rachaelburgessmusic. After Hours, $165.


Whichever cutting edge start-up you just read about online, you’ll find her in their brick loft office next fall. She can run their social platforms or engineer their products while sporting After Hours, a statement piece that won’t get in her way.

The girl with her eyes on the prize

Ringly GO, $125.


She’s been rocking a suit in a skyscraper every summer since freshman year and her dedication is paying off. An understated black Ringly GO will keep her connected during long meetings without throwing off her professional wardrobe.

The girl with adventure on her mind

Photo features Jet Set, $165.


From Seville to Sydney, she’ll cover the globe so fast you’ll hardly be able to keep up. There’s only one piece of jewelry that is not only equipped to survive her many travels, but it helps her go even farther than she imagined— Jet Set.


Post written by Olivia Hartwell 

June 02, 2017

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