Ringly GO Smart Bracelets

Activity Tracking + Mobile Alerts + Guided Meditation

Ringly GO Smart Bracelets

Activity Tracking + Mobile Alerts + Guided Meditation

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Beauty and Function

Unlike most wearable tech, Ringly stands out as beautiful jewelry equipped with features to help you stay connected to the people and activities that matter most.

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Enjoy a night out, worry free.

Messages now Jenny Beck Call when you have a minute, it’s important.

Be the one who isn’t glued to her phone during dinner. Tuck your phone away, but still know when there’s an important call or message.

alerts Mobile Alerts
vibrations Vibration & lights

Ringly connects with over 200 apps. You pick which ones alert you.

  • Mail
  • Calendar
  • Slack
  • Text
  • Google
  • Instagram
  • Snapchat
  • Facebook
  • Gmail
  • Nest
  • Whatsapp
  • Lyft
  • Weather
  • Bumble
  • Classpass
  • Twitter
  • Phone
  • New York Times
  • Messenger
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Activity tracking that complements your outfit.

You shouldn’t have to sacrifice style because you want to keep track of your activity.

steps Step tracking
goals Goals & reminders

Alleviate stress and recharge.

Life is busy. Ringly can help you stay balanced with guided audio meditations and breathing exercises.

meditation Guided meditation
breath Breathing exercises

Tech Specs

stone Stone

Reconstituted stone

base Base

Full grain Italian leather

dimensions Dimensions

One size
Adjustable band: 5.9" - 8.0"

battery Battery life

24–48 hours (depending on usage)

activity Activity Tracking

Steps, distance, calories burned

alerts Alerts

5 colored lights, 4 vibration settings for customized alerts

in-the-box In the box

Ringly GO bracelet
USB charging cable

connects-with Connects with

iPhone 5 & up
Android 6 & up

What’s in the box

Questions & Answers

21 questions
  • Can it be worn swimming?

    Ringly is water-resistant, but not waterproof. We don’t recommend getting it soaking wet so you should avoid activities such as swimming or showering. It should not be fully submerged in water, but it can tolerate a splash, such as when you wash your hands. Our Ringly GO strap is full grain leather and we don’t recommend getting wet.

  • Does it measure your heart rate?

    Ringly does not currently support heart-rate tracking but does track your steps, distance, calories, and even the amount of time you spend meditating!

  • Is there a sleep tracking feature?

    Right now, Ringly doesn't track sleep but it is something we may add via software update to our suite of tracking features which include: steps, calories, distance, and meditation.

  • Is the base of this stone the same as is around the rose gold bangle?

    The base of the White/Blush Ringly Go is 14k gold plated. The base of the Black/Black Ringly Go is polished stainless steel.

  • What type of metal do you use on your bracelets?

    The metal parts of Ringly Go are 14k gold plated stainless steel for the Blush/White color option and polished stainless steel for the Black/Black color option. All of our smart jewelry is nickel free. 

  • What is the range of connection between a phone and the Ringly device?

    Your Ringly will stay connected as long as you're within 20-30 feet of your phone. This range can be affected by your phone's Bluetooth strength, which is subject to interference by walls and other disruptions. But, good news! Your Ringly will continue to track your steps even if you're out of range or lose signal, so no need to worry about hitting your goals.

  • How does the guided meditation work? I see a phone in the hands of the girl under your meditation blurb. I hope it's a simple push of a button on the bracelet and you hear it there. If a phone has to be involved should you really say it's a functionality of your bracelet?

    Great question! We offer both breathing exercises and guided audio meditations. You can start either from the app and for the breathing exercises—instead of watching the screen—your Ringly bracelet syncs with the app to guide you through with gentle vibrations.

  • Will the ringly notify me when out of range of my phone?

    Yes! There is an “Out of Range” setting in your app. If enabled, your Ringly will buzz quickly 7 times whenever it goes out of range of your phone.

  • Is there a difference in performance between the ringly go bracelet and the ringly luxe bracelet other than style/fit?

    No! The internal functionality and software are exactly the same for Ringly Go and Ringly Luxe, so pick which style suits you and rest assured you’re getting the same Ringly experience :) 

  • Where can I buy a charger for my Ringly GO? I lost mine!

    You can buy a replacement charger here

  • Does the product allow you to also use as a watch to keep track of time?

    Unfortunately, the Ringly GO bracelet can't tell time. It can buzz you to remind you about upcoming calendar events or reminders though!

  • I teach and take yoga sculpt everyday and sweat a lot. Can Ringly handle this?

    The Ringly Go band is leather so the inside of the band, the part that gets the most sweat, may experience some extra wear/darkening of color, but overall you should be fine, we wear our to exercise class as well ;)

  • Does it come with the charger or do you have to purchase that additionally?

    The Ringly Go charger is included in the box. No additional purchase necessary.

  • Does Ringly give you the time of day? I need a watch, too!

    Unfortunately, the Ringly GO bracelet can't tell time, it doesn't have a screen. It can buzz you to remind you about upcoming calendar events or reminders though!

    Added bonus: it looks super cute when worn with non-smart watches ;)

  • Does it work with LG4?

    Yep! Works great with that handset running Android 6 or above.

  • Does this work with Samsung Note 5?

    Yep! Works great with that handset running Android 6 or above.

  • is it iOS or android?

    Ringly works with both iOS (iPhone 5 or newer) and Android (Android 6.0 or newer).

  • I'm curious -- this person wrote this review and says, "I love knowing who's calling me when my phone is in my bag when I'm out to dinner." How does she know WHO is calling her? I thought the Ringly just buzzes or flashes, but doesn't tell you the text or the person. What am I missing?

    Good question! Ringly allows you to set different colors and buzz patterns for specific contacts. For instance, you can set a blue light with three buzzes for the babysitter and a yellow light and one buzz for your best friend.

  • Can you set an alarm to have it vibrate at a certain time?

    Yep! I do this by setting a recurring reminder in the Apple Reminders app. I have one set for 3pm everyday to remind me to have a big glass of water.

  • The picture shows a message from Jenny Blake - "Call when you have a minute, it's important." Does the Ringly read messages to you?

    Ringly won't read your messages to you but can be customized to deliver a specific light and vibration pattern for different contacts stored on your phone. 

  • Can you use Ringly to track 2 phones? I have 2 phones, one work and one personal. And its hard to always have 2 phones in my hands at all times but would love to use this to let me know to check them when I receive messages.

    Unfortunately, Ringly smart jewelry can only be connected to one device at a time (it’s a limitation with Bluetooth). However you can easily switch your Ringly between phones if you want to swap which device you’re getting notifications on.