Ring Charging Box

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This sweet ring box doubles as the charging box for your Ringly. Your Ringly already comes with a charger box, but now you can pick up an extra to make sure you have one at home, at work, and anywhere else you need a charge!

The ring box has its own battery that can charge the ring for several days without needing to be plugged in. We recommend plugging it in regularly with the supplied micro-USB cable to ensure it has a charge. The charging box will fully charge your Ringly in approximately 4 hours.

Box Measurements: 2.1" L x 2.1" W x 2.1" H
Contains: Charging Box, Micro USB cable

Questions & Answers

1 questions
  • How much of a charge does the box hold? And how long does it take to charge to its fullest? Thanks!

    The Ringly charger box has a 250 mAh battery that can provide about a weeks worth of recharges for your ring, depending on usage and when you remove your ring from the charger box, without needing to be plugged in. The box charges your smart ring to 100% in about 4 hours.