What is Ringly?

What is Ringly?

Ringly designs and crafts jewelry and accessories that connect to your phone and notify you about the things that matter most. Put your phone away - be in the moment.

Fashion First

Technology doesn't need to look geeky or gadget-y. Love Ringly for how it looks as much as what it can do. Sign up below for an exclusive preview of our latest designs.

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Ringly iOS

How it Works

Connect our jewelry to your phone, use Ringly’s mobile app and decide when and how you want to be notified. Need a break from your phone but worried you'll miss a call or a text from someone special? We've got you covered.

Coming Soon...

We're hard at work designing our products and crafting the best Ringly experience. We'll be releasing our first line of Ringly jewelry and accessories in the spring of 2014. If you're interested in being an early user and supporter please sign up for our mailing list below. We appreciate the support!

Ringly iPhone app

The Ringly Team

We're hiring! Check out our jobs page to find out more.

  • Christina Mercando

    Christina Mercando

    CEO and Product Designer
  • Logan Munro

    Logan Munro

    Mechanical Engineer
  • Tim Mason

    Tim Mason

    CTO and Mobile Engineer
  • Antonio Cerruto

    Antonio Cerruto

    Electrical Engineer

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